Application for a Grant from Paul’s Fund

Paul’s Fund and Paul’s Place exist primarily to benefit young adults and their families so you may qualify for a grant if:

–      You are a young adult aged approximately 18 to 30 who is facing one of these challenging circumstances :

  • you have been diagnosed with a life limiting, life threatening or terminal illness.
  • you have been bereaved, normally within the last 2 years or so, due to the death of your spouse or partner or a close relative (parent/child/sibling).
  • you are acting as an unpaid carer on a full or nearly full time basis for a partner or close family member.

–      You are the parent of a young adult who has a life threatening or terminal illness and you are actively caring for them on a full or nearly full time basis.

–      You are the parent of a young adult who has died.

In all cases the main grant will also pay for your spouse/partner, a close family member or close friend accompanying you and who is able to share responsibility for any medical needs you may have.

In the case of illness or bereavement the grant will also pay for up to a further four close family members (eg siblings, parents or children). Other friends are very welcome but they will have to meet their own costs.

Grants to carers will normally only cover the cost of the carer and one other person unless there are particular reasons why other family members should be included.

What the Grant will Pay For

The main grant covers the cost of staying at Paul’s Place on either a Bed & Breakfast or self-catering basis for up to 7 nights plus there are grants to help towards travel and daily expenses. There is a cap on the maximum grant that may limit the length of stay for larger groups occupying three rooms.

Please see the Q&A sheet for full and up to date details.

Suitability of Paul’s Place

Please read the Paul’s Place page to ensure Paul’s Place is somewhere you would like to take a holiday and is a suitable place for you to come and stay in terms of your medical condition and the facilities provided. More information is available on the Q & A sheet and we ask the person making a referral to confirm they have read the Guidance Notes.

How to Apply

Anyone can make enquiries about Paul’s Fund and Paul’s Place but applications themselves must be made by someone suitably qualified depending on the criteria you are applying under. They should normally have a direct role in your care and support and be able to confirm you meet the charity’s criteria for a grant. Appropriate people include, for example, medical staff, social workers, counselors (paid or volunteer) or ministers of religion. The person should be willing and accessible for Paul’s Fund to contact them to discuss the application in case of any queries.

– Please read the criteria above to see if the you might be eligible for a grant. More information is available on the Q & A sheet and we ask the person making a referral to ensure they have read the Guidance Notes.  This is important.

– Check availability by contacting David and Pippa at Paul’s Place/The Old Bakery and make a provisional reservation. This is also your opportunity to discuss with them the facilities available to ensure they are suitable for you. Phone 01271 891076 or 0779 398 0760 or email

– Ask your supporting professional to download and complete the application form (either electronically or by hand) then email it to:

or post it to:

Paul’s Fund
c/o The Old Bakery
Chapel Street
EX33 1JJ

If you complete the form by hand, please write clearly in BLOCK CAPITALS.

For those making a return visit there is a separate form available on request.

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