Your Questions Answered

This Q&A sheet is for people who are looking in to applying to Paul’s Fund for a grant to pay for a holiday staying at Paul’s Place. Anyone can contact us about the grants and Paul’s Place, but please note that applications have to be made on behalf of the applicant by someone suitably qualified.

Hopefully this sheet will answers most of your questions but do contact us by phone or email if you have any queries, want to discuss a possible application or to make a provisional booking to stay at Paul’s Place.

What are Paul’s Fund and Paul’s Place and what are their aims?

Do I qualify for a grant?

What does the main grant cover?

Is there any help towards daily expenses and travel costs?

Does Paul’s Fund take in to account my financial circumstances?

Who can fill in the application form, and what is their role?

How do I proceed with an application?

Can I make a return visit?

What happens if I have to cancel or simply don’t turn up?

Some (important) small print!

Paul’s Place, Georgeham and the Local Area

With people’s different medical situations, backgrounds, home situations and expectations, we recognise that Paul’s Place will not suit everyone. These additional notes are to give you a bit more information about Paul’s Place and the locality and help you decide if this is somewhere you would like to take a break.

We strongly recommend you visit The Old Bakery web site to see what the accommodation is like and for much more information on the area.

What is special about Paul’s Place?

What sort of people stay and can they bring dogs?

What does the accommodation comprise, and is it “accessible”?

Medical conditions and the suitability of Paul’s Place

Where is Paul’s Place located?

What amenities are there in the village?

What other towns and villages are there around?

What are the beaches and coast line like?

What other activities are there and places to visit?

What is the Paul’s Place Passport?

Can I get to Georgeham by public transport? Do I need a car?

  • Download a pdf version of the Q & A sheet.
  • If you are someone looking in to making a referral, there is further guidance in Guidance Notes.
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